STAFF TRAINING, Forsyths Accounting mackay accountants, Accountants Mackay.We offer comprehensive training in areas such as bookkeeping, payroll, occupational superannuation, GST and a multitude of taxes and services.

The difference in our staff training is it is focused on your business. When you go to a TAFE course or do a generic course the problem is the course has to be a general course to cater for everyone. So you pay big dollars and have a general idea, but then have to apply them to your business. It all takes time and money to learn and hopefully get it right.

In our Staff Training,  your staff learn how everything applies to your business alone. Totally focused on getting a result for you and your business.

So spend $500 on an overview or $500 to get a real understanding.

How’s your business going? Creating the staff you need to grow How to maintain a loyal customer base

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