Protecting Your Business

We have professional partners who offer expert advice on finance issues, risk insurance, superannuation compliance and financial planning.

Getting the right advice before making a commitment ensures that all options have been considered and you made the right decision for the right reasons.

One of the major dangers to a business and family is a lack of adequate protection for the key assets and staff of the business.

Imagine you are in a business partnership and one day your business partner suffers a fatal heart attack. How would you suddenly replace your partner? Where will you find the funds to pay the estate for their share of the business? Would you want to be in business with the partners’ spouse?

It is much better to plan for those events and be prepared. Then there is no risk of the business folding due to an unforeseen event. It is your time, your money and your survival at risk.

We can put in place agreements and protection to cover these events and allow you to continue prospering.

Budgets and cash flows are important aspects of your business as you need to know how your business is performing against similar businesses as well as knowing how much cash you have to pay your accounts.

Tax planning is crucial to your business – without it, you could be out of a perfectly good business after the first year.

By actively encouraging you to have financials prepared on a regular basis or even monthly or quarterly when using our BAS preparation service or our bookkeeping service we can advise you of any looming tax liabilities and strategies to minimise those taxes.

Some businesses go for a full 12 months of trading before lodging their returns six months or more after that. How much of a shock is it to discover you now have two years tax to pay and you’ve spent all your money building up the business.

Our tax planning service helps prevent you from getting into such a situation and our bookkeeping service will ensure you have your records prepared correctly. We look after and protect your business.

Wages and payroll service will set you up and advise on wages, awards, superannuation guarantee, workcover, other compliance requirements and risk insurance. Again this is an area where you need to see a real expert.

 “Fred had a large cattle property. He was tired of paying workcover and public liability insurance and on advice of another grazier he decided to tum each worker into a contractor and encouraged them to get an ABN. This was clearly wrong; however, he didn’t want to pay the $350 workcover bill. One of his “contractors” fell off a horse and died leaving a spouse and two children. After a $250,000 fine plus potential for further legal action by the spouse he now realises the false economy of saving the insurance premium.”

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