Risk Insurance

Forsyths Accounting mackay accountantsRisk insurance, or lack of it, is one of the major dangers to a business and family.

Your life and business can change from great one day to being completely destroyed the next. The really scary part is that it is more likely to happen to you than you think.

Imagine you have a good job, a wonderful spouse and young family and a newly purchased dream home with a mortgage. You are covered by Workcover, but one weekend you have an accident and receive an injury that disables you for life. You realise that you have no cover and no further income, apart from a disability pension.

It would be much easier to cope knowing you would still receive 75% or more of your salary plus a lump sum.

Imagine you are in a business partnership and one day your business partner suffers a fatal heart attack. How will you suddenly replace your partner? Where will you find the funds to pay the partners estate for their share of the business?

By having the correct insurance as partners you can ensure that the business will survive a sudden disaster like this.

There are various types of risk insurance to cover different scenarios to protect your business and your family.

Call us for more information. We can even arrange a professional partner to call you directly to discuss actual products and costs.

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