Starting a Business

Starting a business is more than being your own boss, choosing your own hours and making as much money as you can.

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These may be some of the perks but not always the reality.

Sometimes, starting a business means that you are just trading in one job for another job – one with added costs, less free time and more worries.

Before you start:

Understanding your financial position, setting your goals, determining your plans, and working on some strategy can identify whether the thought is viable and what you may need to put in place before starting a business.

On the road to success:
Getting the small things right at the beginning sets the platform for your future business growth and life style.

Here are some things to decide before starting a business.

  • How easily do you want banks to give you finance?
  • Do you want your business to stop if you are injured or ill for any length of time?
  • How much tax do you want to pay on your income?
  • How often do you want to be audited or fined by the Australian Taxation Office?

Our experienced business accountants understand the ”complex maze of red tape’ facing new business owners and will work you to get you on the right path to successfully starting a business.

Being able to move quickly and effectively through this stage  allows you to spend more time and effort on growing your business.

Hmm… so where do you start?

Each of our pages take you through the stages of the process, (we can help guide you through) to starting a business easier.

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