Buying A Business

Forsyths Accounting mackay accountantsAre you paying a fair price?

Is the business being off loaded because it is in trouble? Is there a change in legislation that will affect the business? In whose name should you buy the business?

We have a list of over 150 questions which must (not should) be asked so we know what you are really buying.

So where do you start?


“David and Tanya wished to purchase a motel. They brought in financials for six different motels over a period of six months and we knocked back all six. David and Tanya were frustrated but we explained it would be a mistake to purchase an overvalued business. Eventually they brought in a set of figures and we felt the business was fairly priced. David and Tanya purchased the motel and by implementing changes coupled with some hard work built a very successful business which they sold within five years for a much higher price”.
“Ron and Sue wanted to purchase a large business in Brisbane; however we felt it was over valued. By putting our case to the vendors we convinced them our counter offer was fair for everyone. Ron and Sue saved a handy $150,000 on the purchase price.”
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