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Forsyths Online Tax Service

We offer an online tax preparation service that ensures you have the same level of service and information without having to visit our office. This is a valuable service for our individual and investment clients.

We can also tailor an online tax and advice service for your small business, giving you access to timely and valuable information while not losing precious earning time sitting in our waiting room.

If you are an employee we have a range of services that enables you to lodge your returns and receive advice by visiting our office or by using our FORSYTHS Online Tax Service system.

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How it works…

With FORSYTHS Online Tax Service you can ask us questions about how to increase your deductions, how to pay less tax or even questions about purchasing investment properties or finance.

Our accountants work purely to achieve positive results for you.

Once you have completed the return through our FORSYTHS Online Tax Service site, one of our senior accountants will personally review your return before lodgement.

Your FORSYTHS Online Tax Service accountant may suggest deductions which help you minimise tax in future years.

As a user of our FORSYTHS Online Tax Service system you will be given a contact number and email address of your personal FORSYTHS Online Tax Service advisor so you will be able to obtain taxation advice at any time.