Tax Office Audit

Tax Audit: We understand that sometimes your idea of fair and reasonable may not coincide with the Tax Office interpretation.

When we prepare your tax return or income tax return we guarantee to pay any penalty or interest imposed by the ATO due to any error we may have made in preparing your tax return. Any additional taxes would still be your responsibility. Should the ATO wish to audit your work we will guide you through the process.

We can explain any tax office correspondence, tell you what you need to do to prepare for the audit and we will even arrange for the audit to take place in our offices with an experienced tax accountant present to explain questions posed by the ATO representative and also to answer those questions for you.

We can give you an estimate of costs to represent you before any work is undertaken on your behalf. This service will ensure you can have discussions with the ATO without feeling worried or alone. If we didn’t prepare your tax returns we can still be of assistance.

We offer a free service to explain the ATO correspondence and your options.
We will give you an estimate of work, which may be involved, and a fee quote for us to do this work on your behalf.
We can prepare your work for an audit and represent you at any meeting with the ATO representatives.

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