Banks & Financing

Realistically the banks have the money and you know nothing in any contract is going to benefit you at the expense of the bank.

Don’t you love the way that they have special deals for “ new clients” only. Good customer loyalty there.

Well here’s a tip. Tell them you can arrange that pretty easily and get the deal elsewhere.

That’s why we use brokers . You want a loan and have been with the same bank for years. Well the broker will put your loan up for tender and let your bank know that if they want to keep your business they will have to give you a good “loyalty” deal.

The trick is in finding a broker that is not owned by the banks ( yep that’s business to them but deceit to us) and that’s what we do. We find the brokers who are really independent and help them get your loan ready so it is attractive to banks bidding for your work.

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